Mater Research Award Winners

Betty McGrath Seeding Grant

Year Winner Research Program
2013 A/Prof. Michael Beckmann  Methods of induction of labour Mother and Baby
2013 Melody Brown  Lymphoedema prevention following inguinal or ilionguinal dissection for metastic melanoma Chronic and Integrated Care
2013 Rohan Lourie Primary epithelial cell responses to pro-inflammatory cytokines are key to  mucosal barrier function and the initiation and perpetuation of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Chronic and Integrated Care
2013 Mark Williams  Novel mutations in Angelman syndrome and related disorders: relationship to phenotype and neuronal function. Mother and Baby
2013 Prof. Timothy Florin   Inventing a topical thiopurine for the treatment of Crohn's and colitis Chronic and Integrated Care
2013 Dr Glenn Gardener My Baby’s Movements: a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial of decreased fetal movement awareness to reduce stillbirth Mother and Baby
2013 Prof. Helen Liley  Preventing Adverse Outcomes of Neonatal Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy with Erythropoietin - the PAEAN Study Mother and Baby
2013 Dr David Serisier  Unravelling the complex interplay between airway infection and mucosal pathophysiology to enhance therapeutic strategies and deliver novel therapies in cystic fibrosis and non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis . Chronic and Integrated Care
2014 A/Prof Phillip Good  A research program to improve the evidence base and inform policy and practice in Palliative Care. Cancer 
2014 Dr Judy Hough  High Flow Nasal Cannula Dose Finding Study in Neonatal Intensive Care Mother and Baby
2014 Ra’eesa Doola  Nutritional approach to management of hyperglycaemia in the critically ill patient (Diabetic FEEDS study) Chronic and Integrated Care
2014 Alison Lee-Tannock Characterisation of fetal, neonatal and childhood cardiac function in fetuses at risk of cardiovascular dysfunction Mother and Baby
2015 Dr Sanmarie' Schlebusch Assessing the effects of antibiotic choice on gut/enteric microbiome in a randomised trial - a metagenomic approach Chronic and Integrated Care
2015 Dr Sarah Janssens  Training teamwork skills in interdisciplinary simulation for maternity emergencies Mother and Baby
2015 Dr Cameron Snell  Dissecting oestrogen receptor signalling to predict response to hormonal therapies in breast cancer Cancer 
2015 A/Prof Lucy Burr   Improving the clinical management of patients with inflammatory airways diseases Chronic and Integrated Care
2015 Nicole Robertson  Regional fetal brain and placental perfusion at term and its correlation with adverse intrapartum and neonatal outcomes Mother and Baby
2016 Dr Friederike Beker  The effects of regular smell and taste with tube feeding on nutrition in very preterm infants (a randomized controlled trial), and in term infants after gastroschisis repair (a blinded randomized controlled pilot trial) Mother and Baby
2016 Loretta Anderson  Comparing breast massage and hand expressing of breast milk within the first hour of birth to standard care (expressing only in the first 6 hours) for mothers of preterm infants between 28 and 34 weeks’ gestation: a pilot randomised controlled trial Mother and Baby
2016 Dr Tatjana Ewais  A randomised-control validation trial of Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT): An eight-week mindfulness program for youth living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and co-morbid depression and anxiety Chronic and Integrated Care
2016 Dr Emaduddin Abro  Tumour microenvironment in haematological malignancies Cancer Biology and Care
2016 A/Prof. Richard Lewandowski  Burden of Illness – The Impact of Surgical Interventions on Patients  with Congenital Facial Deformities Chronic and Integrated Care
2016 Dr Tanja Miokovic  Pregnancy related low back pain and stress urinary incontinence- is dysfunction of the postural trunk muscles the missing link? Mothers', Babies' and Women's Health
2017 Sheridan Guyatt  Reaching Queensland women during the perinatal period in a digital age: a stepped approach to physiotherapy management of pelvic floor dysfunction, low back pain, pelvic girdle pain and physical activity Mother and Baby
2017 Dr Andrew Swayne  Diagnostics, therapeutics and modelling in autoimmune encephalitis: from antibody binding to brain network dysfunction Neuroscience
2017 Dr Jessica Turner  Reducing the risk of fetal distress with sildenafil (RIDSTRESS Study) Mother and Baby
2018 Dr Elizabeth Hurrion Neuroprotective role of sulphate among preterm infants (SuPreme study) Mother and Baby
2018 Dr Mohamed Shanavas  An in-depth characterization of T cells within the intra-tumoural microenvironment In Diffuse Large B Cell
2018 Rebecca Keating   An investigation into factors influencing glucose control in cystic fibrosis Chronic and Integrated Care
2019 Dr Catherine Franklin Understanding Acute Regression in Adolescents and Young Adults with Down Syndrome Neuroscience
2019 Dr Sinead Barry  Phase III Randomized clinical trial for stage III ovarian carcinoma randomizing between primary cytoreductive surgery with or without hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy Cancer 
2020 Prof Sailesh Kumar Machine learning to develop predictive models for late gestation adverse perinatal outcomes Mother and Baby
2020 Renee Muirhead  Developing a nurse led model of analgesia administration to optimise neonatal pain management in the surgical neonatal intensive care Healthcare Delivery and Innovation
2020 Aleysha Martin   Transdisciplinary stroke assessment: Can it improve allied health efficiency and
care on an acute stroke unit?
Healthcare Delivery and Innovation
2020 Alana Delaforce   A theoretically informed approach to support the implementation of preoperative anaemia and iron deficiency screening, evaluation and management pathways (PAIDSEM-P): a type 2 hybrid-effectiveness study Healthcare Delivery and Innovation
2020 Leah McIntosh Improving Advanced Life Support training for frontline healthcare workers under novel conditions Healthcare Delivery and Innovation
2022 A/Prof Anne Leditschke "Inspiring Beyond ICU” – A Multi-Centre Randomised Controlled Trial of Inspiratory Muscle Training in Intensive Care Patients Mechanically Ventilated for More than 5 Days. Healthcare Delivery and Innovation
2022 Prof Vicki Clifton A sustainable and cultural approach to asthma care for improving outcomes for Indigenous Australian women: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Antenatal Asthma Management Service. (AAAMS) Healthcare Delivery and Innovation
2022 Dr Jennifer Utter Supporting healthcare staff to share meals with family, friends, or colleagues to improve nutritional and emotional wellbeing. Healthcare Delivery and Innovation
2022 Dr Reuben Beer Advanced imaging in multiple sclerosis: Utilising multimodal magnetic resonance imaging to model response before and after highly active disease modifying therapy. Healthcare Delivery and Innovation
2022 Rohan Bates Measuring the Emotional Responses and Self – Regulation skills of Learners in Problem Based Learning Simulations. Education
2023 Dr Jasmine Antoine Enhancing Trainee’s Technical and NOn-TEchnical Skills in Neonatal Intubation (ETT Notes) Education
2023 Dr Beth Mah Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy in a Perinatal Mental Health Inpatient Unit setting: A mixed methods and feasibility study. Healthcare Delivery and Innovation
2023 Dr Sarah Janssens Evaluating the impact of a focused education program for the implementation of the maternity team approach in clinical practice.   Education
2023 Dr Honnie Gorry Feasibility study and pilot RCT of EEG Neurofeedback in a Hospital Setting. Healthcare Delivery and Innovation
2023 Dr Neisha D'Silva Evaluating novel eating disorder prevention program for young women with Type 1 diabetes Healthcare Delivery and Innovation
2023 Liisa Laakso

Using physical activity during chemotherapy to enhance recovery.

Healthcare Delivery and Innovation

 Strategic Grant for Outstanding Women

Year Winner Research Program
2017 A/Prof Sumaira Hasnain   Development of novel therapeutic drugs for chronic inflammatory diseases Chronic and Integrated Care
2017 A/Prof Shelley Wilkinson  Investigating research processes and outcomes of the RCT Mother and Baby
2018 Prof Josephine Forbes Test the efficacy of the novel compound targeting mitochondrial dysfunction (KH-­‐176) to prevent the onset of kidney disease. Chronic and Integrated Care
2018 A/Prof Katharina Ronacher  Determine LTBI and T2D rates in the high risk populations and identify the underlying innate and adaptive immune
deficiencies associated with type 2 diabetes (T2D).
Chronic and Integrated Care
2019 Dr Sandra Richardson Applying single-­‐cell technologies to identify L1-driven mutations and determining the potential deleterious impact of these mutations on pregnancy outcomes and age-­‐related female infertility. Neuroscience
2019 A/Prof Kristen Radford  Understanding human dendritic cell (DC) biology and translating findings into health benefits Cancer 
2020 Dr Camille Guillerey   Chronic and Integrated Care
2021 A/Prof. Kym Rae Kym is the Principal Research Fellow for Indigenous Health within the Mother and Baby Program and proposes to use her grant over the next two years to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland have an opportunity to voice their health needs, particularly during the time of pregnancy and early family life. Mother and Baby
2023 Dr Sahar Keshvari

Investigations into the potential use of macrophage growth factors as a novel treatment in children with childhood non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a burgeoning health problem globally.

Chronic and Integrated Care