David Serisier Respiratory Biobank

The David Serisier Respiratory Biobank (DSRB) is the only biobank in Australia dedicated to aiding and facilitating research into respiratory disease.

Based at the Mater campus in South Brisbane, the DSRB collects specimens for research into chronic respiratory disease, respiratory infections and lung cancer.

Named in honour of the late Dr David Serisier, our aim is to carefully collect and professionally process high quality samples to researchers in the hope of improving the health of respiratory patients in Australia and the world.


Dr David Serisier was the Director of Respiratory Medicine at the Mater Hospital Brisbane and was an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Queensland. He was a highly decorated Mater researcher and in the last 9 years, was the primary author of 31 papers in peer reviewed journals. In 2014, with the support of Mater Research, Mater Respiratory Research Biobank opened. This biobank would aid and facilitate research into respiratory conditions by providing high quality samples and data.

In 2015, David Serisier sadly passed away at the age of 45. In honour of his enormous contribution to the field of respiratory medicine, the biobank was renamed the David Serisier Respiratory Biobank.

Today; the biobank continues to collect specimens from consenting Mater Hospitals patients as part of their treatment.

These valuable samples are available for use in ethically approved research projects. The DSRB has Human Research Ethics Committee approval and is governed by Mater Health Services, South Brisbane.

Contact Us

Donors or Researchers interested in more information about the David Serisier Respiratory Biobank can contact the DSRB Operations Manager on the contact details listed below:

Email: rioclinicaltrials@mater.org.au 

Phone: 07 3163 2128