Important Information for researchers

Find out more about the ethics and governance review processes at Mater Research, how the Mater Clinical Trials Unit can assist with your clinical research activity, what is support available for researchers as well as all the necessary forms, guidelines, key contacts and resources needed to conduct research projects at Mater Research. 

Ethics and Governance

Prior to the commencement of all human research projects at Mater, all researchers must obtain approval from a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and undergo a Research Governance Review (also known as a Site-Specific Assessment, or SSA). 

Mater Clinical Trials

Mater Clinical Trials enables and supports all clinical trials conducted at Mater's Hospitals. The team provide the necessary expertise to assist Mater to advance its delivery of safe, efficient, cost-effective healthcare for patients.

Biobanks | Important information for researchers

Mater Research operates and manages biobanks which collect a variety of specimens from consenting Mater patients as part of their treatment. These specimens are available for researchers to utilise for HREC approved projects.

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