Partners and collaborators

Mater Research is committed to working closely with Mater Health, Mater Education and our growing network of partners to turn scientific discovery into the best possible treatment, care, and outcomes for patients and our broader community.

We are a proud founding partner of the Translational Research Institute (TRI), working together with The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute, Queensland University of Technology, and the Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Centres for Health Research to build a world-class facility supporting medical research and its translation into clinical practice. As a TRI founding partner, Mater Research is also a partner in TRIC (TRI at Children’s), which is embedded in the Children’s Health Research Centre (CCHR). 

Mater Research’s strong presence at the TRI and its connection to Mater Health and Mater Education means we’re uniquely positioned to truly deliver on the bench to bedside vision.

In 2013, Mater Research and The University of Queensland formalised a longstanding relationship to form the Mater Research Institute – The University of Queensland (MRI-UQ). Merging the clinical expertise and high-quality healthcare of Mater with the research, education and training strengths of The University of Queensland provides strategic and operational benefits to both organisations to benefit healthcare.  The collaborative alliance between Mater Research and The University of Queensland means that Mater Research is also a full institute within The University of Queensland Faculty of Medicine, a global top 50 university.

Our strong track record of successful grant applications and fellowship recipients is underpinned by Mater Foundation’s significant financial support. Its role in fostering community and donor support is critical to the continued growth and advancement of research at Mater.

In a short time Mater Research has built a strong network with extensive reach, including international collaboration and funding success, the depth and breadth is demonstrated below. 

Proudly collaborating with

Translational Research Institute
Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners
Mater Education
Mater Foundation