How our research will improve health outcomes

The Stillbirth CRE will undertake a research program addressing priorities across four major priority areas:

  1. Risk factors for stillbirth; developing and implementing best practice in care of women at or near term.
  2. Novel methods for risk prediction; markers/interventions for women at risk. 
  3. Best care after stillbirth; improving care after stillbirth and in subsequent pregnancies
  4. Understanding the causes; improving data quality through investigation, audit and classification.

By targeting these four priority areas we will systematically address The Lancet 2016 series on Ending Preventable Stillbirths call to action and the specific priorities pertinent to Australia. In recognising that many stillbirths can be prevented by implementing what is already known, a major focus will be to target evidence-based interventions.

Further, we will develop novel methods for identification of the at-risk fetus to improve decision-making on appropriate timing of birth. Through our biomedical expertise, we will ensure new discoveries will be readily translated into practice to further reduce the risk of stillbirth.