Mater Young Adult Research Group

The leader of the Mater Young Adult Research Group is Associate Professor Simon Denny. Simon is an Adolescent and Young Adult Physician who is the Director of the Mater Young Adult Health Centre. He trained as a Paediatrician in New Zealand and completed his specialist training in Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine in Minnesota under professors Bob Blum and Michael Resnick. He was awarded the prestigious Harkness Fellowship from the Commonwealth Fund in New York to  examine health policies internationally in the area of youth health. Simon has worked for over 18 years with adolescents and young adults at the Centre for Youth Health in South Auckland before coming to the Mater.

The Group’s research focuses on the epidemiology of youth health issues and appropriate health services for young people. Simon was the Principal Investigator of Youth’07 which was New Zealand’s second National Youth Health and Wellbeing survey. He has published over 150 scientific publications and reports on youth health issues in New Zealand. He has received international awards, including the Robert H. DuRant Award for Statistical Rigor, Innovation and Excellence in Research. He  was past chairs of the Adolescent Health Research Group and Society of Youth Health Professionals Aotearoa New Zealand. He brings a clinical and epidemiological focus on youth health issues, especially around risk taking behaviours, mental health and youth appropriate health services.

Group Leaders