Allied Health Research

The Allied Health Research group incorporates staff from the Mater’s Allied Health Professions - audiology, dietetics and food services, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, social work, and speech pathology. 

Group members undertake activities on a continuum from clinical inquiry and evidence implementation, to measurement and evaluation, through to new knowledge generation.

We collaborate with internal and external partners with the aim of improving patient care and experience through evidence-based practice, improving health services and our interventions, and translating research and evidence into practice. We measure both patient-reported, objective and service-related outcomes with the Mater quadruple aim underpinning all that we do.

Group Members:

  • Aleysha Martin 
  • Matthew Hunt 
  • Dr Jen Sanderson 
  • Dr Sheridan Guyatt
  • Dr Dilani Mendis
  • Dr Jennifer Utter
  • Isabella Bolton
  • Jody Ebenezer
  • Dr Arwyn Warner
  • Lucy Lyons
  • Caitlin Ryan
  • Felicity Prebble
  • Lisa Parry

Members of the Allied Health Research group supervise and/or co-supervise undergraduate and post-graduate research students including:

  • Annie Yu (Griffith University)
  • Mohamed (Mubeen) Tuan Faizer (QUT)
  • Hildegard Reul-Hirche (Griffith University)
  • Varsha Venkatesh Galaganath (Manipal, India)

Affiliated Mater Clinicians: Mater allied health and other staff; and collaborative researchers from academe and other external partners including:

  • Dr Daniel Schweitzer
  • Dr Bjorn Smith
  • Dr Michael Murphy
  • Dr Emily Ahern
  • Dr Tatjana Ewais
  • Prof Jake Begun
  • Dr Anubhav Sathu
  • Dr John Radovanovic
  • Dr Owen Jenkins
  • Dr Anthony O’Neill
  • Dr Timothy McMeniman
  • Dr Liza Phillips

Group Leaders

Group Members