About us

Mater Research is the research arm of Mater, part of a collaborative research institute with The University of Queensland and a proud founding partner of the Translational Research Institute.

As an internationally recognised leader in medical research, our bench to bedside philosophy means we work across Mater's hospitals and health services, The University of Queensland and the world-class Translational Research Institute. We are committed to working closely with Mater HealthMater Education and our growing networking of collaborating partners to turn scientific discovery into the best possible treatment, care, and outcomes for patients and our broader community.

Our strong track record of successful grant applications and fellowship recipients is underpinned by the significant financial support of Mater Foundation. Millions of dollars are contributed each year funding pilot trials and projects, vital infrastructure and resources, backfilling clinical time to enable more clinician-lead research, fellowships for our senior researchers and flexibility to sustain research beyond short-term grants.

With expertise across all facets of medical research—study design, ethics and governance, data collection, biobank management, analysis, and implementation science—we are responsible for robust management of all research and clinical trials at Mater. We also maintain a broad external focus, horizon scanning national and international high quality research to reduce duplication of effort and wasted resources, working alongside Mater Education and Mater Health to support prompt and efficient translation of research into clinical care.   

Our focus

Mater Research’s areas of focus have expanded but the depth of exploration and commitment to conducting outstanding research remains. Our key areas of focus are: